Hello, how is everyone? Well I have never done things like this so stick with me I’ll do my best. I’m 66 born in Minnesota along time ago, I am a Viet Nam Vet and disabled thanks to Uncle Sam but that’s ok I did the job I was sent to do and did it well. Retired in 2010 from the Deparrtment of Corrections where I taught so where close to 13000 kids how to cook for a 1000 people all 3 meals a day. I have spent about 35 years in the resturants and I am a retired Chef, I live to cook……really!! I have a wonderful lady by my side who keeps me on the straight and narrow most of the time, but I try my best and will keep trying to make her happy, and me too! On my site here I will put some recipes from my book that I Co-Wrote with a very nice lady from Iowa and it should be out soon for sale. I will keep you all posted on that.


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