Good day to all,
Well still so,e snow coming down here in Montana and cold out,when is summer coming? My old boss and his wife are coming to see us in April, hoping we can get to the Trail of the Cedars in Glacier Park, it’s a short hike but really cool stuff there and hope to get to Goat Lick where you can see lots of Mountain Goats,saw there a few years ago with my sister and Goats all over the place. Well it’s lunch time so you all have a great day, and Happy St. Pattys Day to you all.

Wow, has it been a year since I have been on this site? Well lots have gone on, my niece got married in Aug. and it was nice, my daughter Kim and family came out to stay with us and went to the wedding also. Christmas this year was great, Dee’s daughter and family came over on Wednesday the 23rd and we exchanged gifts and I got my Bob Ross CD’s so now I can start painting, can’t wait so excited to start. I got Dee this real nice American Indian Necklace from a new store in Whitefish,Mt.

Well enough for now got to start doing this again.

Happy new year and be safe.


Walking in the woods looking for bears....oh my !

good evening everyone ……well it’s getting colder in the great Northwest. But it is heading towards winter sure enough and there’s isn’t anything you can do about it but dress warm.

well another great day has come and gone, thank you God for all you do for your people. Got to get ready for bed have Bible Study in the early morning.

Good Night to all

Food lets talk.

Wow food is good , however the wrong type of food can make you feel slow, and by that I mean no energy and the wish to do nothing, but the right foods in the morning will charge you up and give you the energy to do the things you need to do for the day weather going to work or to the gym, the most important start to your day is Breakfast do not skip it , it starts your day off in the right direction and will keep it there, nothing heavy, some eggs, fruit, coffee or a power shake with Almond milk or Coconut milk will work just as well. Enough of that talk for now, have a nice day.